All Star Cheerleading

What is All Star Cheerleading?

All Star Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia. All Star Cheerleading is often referred to ‘ESPN’ or ‘Bring it On’ style cheerleading. It is a fast paced, dynamic sport that encompasses stunt, tumbling, tosses and dance. The skills are combined and choreographed into a 2.5 minute routine. These routines are judged against other cheerleading teams, based on their level of difficulty, precision, creativity and entertainment value. It’s fun, it’s fast and it gives athletes opportunities to develop; not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Given the team building nature of the sport, it’s also a fantastic team environment which athletes thrive in. Currently in Australia, there are over 35,000 athletes attending competitions, and the number is growing every year, as more young people continue to get involved in cheerleading and everything it has to offer. Link to AASCF website and 2017 National Promo videos or add in youtube clip here.


Classes at VSC are available for students from the age of 3 through to adults, with all varying skill levels. We have 7 cheerleading squads competing locally and nationally. Each squad trains once or twice a week depending on the age and the squad level. In addition to squad classes, each athlete attends a relevant tumbling class.

At VSC we are always open to new members joining our cheerleading squads. Try outs are generally held in December and January when new squads are being formed but arrangements can be made throughout the year for any newcomers. All cheerleaders are assessed at the end of term 2 and 4 to determine whether they are ready to be considered for a higher level squad.

Cheerleading Camp

A special camp is held in March/April for all of our cheerleaders to enable them to work on team building, stunts and routines in preparation for upcoming competitions. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to bond with teammates and to gain confidence in the skills required for cheerleading.