About us

Victorian State Cheerleaders

Victorian State Cheerleaders (VSC) is one of Melbourne’s longest running cheer programs. Since 2000, VSC has been at the forefront of the competitive cheerleading scene, winning numerous state and national titles.

Our focus

High quality coaching with an emphasis on safety and technique before progression. This is to ensure your child gets the best from their training.

Who is VSC for?

At VSC we cater for all ages and abilities, we have classes that vary in levels of commitment and difficulty. Anybody can join at any age!

What do we include?

Our program incorporates all elements of cheerleading including motions, jumps, stunts, tosses, tumbling and dance. This is set on a base foundation of fitness and strength that is taught to all our athletes, including coaching on mindset and motivation.

Where do i compete?

Our athletes compete regularly at local Victorian competitions throughout the year. Elite squad members compete at the National Championships, which are held alternatively each year in Melbourne or Queensland. There are also opportunities for athletes to travel overseas to compete.


At VSC we base our program from our values, these are what we believe to be the most important things


We love to win but it isn’t everything! In our program we believe that when looking back on your cheerleading career long after the dust settles will be a series of memories. The things we look most fondly on are the relationships built and the times spent together both good and bad. Creating a space for strong connections to be made lays the foundation for achieving common goals. Whilst results at competitions remain a crucial part of our measure for success, creating an environment that prioritizes relationships lends itself to long term success and overall improved well being for everyone.


Building our athletes from the inside out will create not only champion athletes but even greater people. We pride ourselves on being a program that is always looking for ways in which we can impact our athletes’ lives for the better. Cheerleading for us is a vessel that we believe can be used to teach the greatest lessons and instill strong values in our athletes. We know that no matter how long the glitz and glam of trophies may hang around, what lasts is the things learnt along the way that count.


At VSC we place a high premium on the mental attributes that require zero talent. Things like – being on time, being coachable, being prepared and having a strong work ethic. We know that these are the things that not only provide exceptional results on the mat but off as well. We provide our athletes with clear expectations which in turn creates strong habits that can be utilized in all aspects of life. Focusing on these mental aspects promotes a growth mindset, enabling the athlete to navigate challenges with a positive outlook and learn from setbacks.


Despite cheerleading being a team sport, there are many aspects that remain individual. These are attributes such as – strength, flexibility, tumbling, resilience and drive. We have a belief that each athlete has the right to be met on a level they are at and built from there. Our blueprint for success acknowledges that each athlete possesses unique strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and learning styles. It can mould and adapt to ensure each person reaches their maximum potential.